The kitchen has a new and clean burning wood stove which provides heat, mainly to the kitchen, large bedroom and loft.

It is possible to use the stove for cooking and cooking, but it is most convenient to do this on the gas stove. The kitchen stove can advantageously be used for heating water, for example for washing dishes. It saves gas if the wood stove is still in use.

When lighting a cold wood stove, you first place three smaller wood cubes in the bottom, preferably with the surface up. Then place two wooden blocks on each side over the bottom three cubes. Then place two ignition briquettes in the middle between the top two logs, and finally place the sixth cube obliquely over the flames from the ignition briquettes.

When the wood stove is cold and it is cold inside, ignition can be made faster if the front door is slightly open. It adds more oxygen to the wood stove so it gets started faster and gets hot quickly. Close the oven door completely when it is burning well. It provides the best heating, is most environmentally friendly and gives less consumption of wood.