In case it is cold when you arrive at the cabin, or it is cooler than what you consider to be comfortable heat, the gas stove can be used to get quick heat in the room.

Normally the cabin is warm when you arrive, because the electric ovens are remotely controlled and switched on well in advance of arrival. The gas stove is easy to use and provides heat equivalent to 4.2 kilowatts (kW). The oven is ideal if you need to get quick heat in the cabin.

The oven is safe with roll-over and thermo-sensor. The gas stove provides comfortable heat. The oven has wheels that make it easy to move. It must not be used for longer time than absolutely necessary.

The gas stove has a gas bottle on the back which is initially disconnected. The controller must therefore be connected before the gas stove can be used. When the connection is made (and the flame mark points up), open the throttle by holding the knob at the top towards the 1 mark, while holding down the spark starter. Hold down both buttons until the gas burns. When it burns, release both.

The 1 mark shows the lowest heat level (1.4 kW). By setting the switch to the middle selection, two fields will burn gas on the front (2.8kW). By using level three, all the fields in the front will burn (4.2 kW).

If the gas tank is empty, it must be replaced with another container. You can find it inside the gas cabinet outside the cabin. If the gas is low, gas cylinders can be exchanged at Kiwi.

Please note that nothing must be placed in front of the gas stove. It must have at least one and a half meters in front of it without flammable materials. The gas stove must never be left longer than necessary.