The living room has a modern clean burning fireplace with large capacity. It can be easy to fire too much and too long, which can make it too hot in the cabin.

If the fireplace is cold and it is cold inside, it may be advantageous to have the front door slightly open to bring in more oxygen.

The fireplace door can also be slightly opened for a few minutes, but should always be closed to give the best possible combustion and energy utilization of the wood. Closed fireplace also provides better combustion and faster heating.

The two electrical heaters in the living room provide ground heating, while fireplace burning will provide the extra heat you need.

When it is very cold outside, it pays to stay alive in the fireplace over time. Insert a small cube every now and then so that there is a fire in the fireplace. At the top of the fireplace there are about 60 kilos of hot stone. This stays in the heat for up to 12 hours.