Before using gas for the gas stove and gas refrigerator in the kitchen, a gas tank located outdoors must be connected.

The gas cylinders are placed in a gas cabinet under the kitchen windows, outside. Use the key labeled «gass» hanging in the key cabinet in the hallway, to unlock the padlock on the gas cabinet.

To connect the gas, lift the gas tank out of the gas cabinet. Then press down the regulator to mount the gas hose to connected and press down until you hear a distinct click. You may need to use some force / weight to get the regulator all the way down.

When the controller is connected, tilt the lever on the top until you see a flame-illustrated mark. Then the gas is connected. Place the gas tank inside the cabinet before locking.

Please note that two different gas taps must be opened to bring gas to the kitchen gas stove (red tap) and gas refrigerator (blue tap). The gas taps are open when in a horizontal position.

Wintertime condensation can form in the padlock, and thus also ice when the temperature is below zero degrees. Use locking spray to remove condensation and ice in the padlock. The locking spray can be found close to the key lock in the hallway.