Fire preparedness is important during your stay. Familiarize yourself with where fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke detectors are installed.


  • Fire blanket is located in red box hanging on the wall.
  • Pull the straps to get out the fire blanket.
  • Lay fire blankets over the flames.
  • There is a floor-level gas alarm behind the refrigerator.

Extinguisher in large bedroom:

  • Fire extinguishers hang on the wall behind the bedroom door.
  • Lift the fire extinguishers off the suspension, pull out the splinter, direct the hose spout towards the flame and push the trigger.

Smoke detectors in bedrooms:

  • Det er røykvarslere montert i taket på soverommene. En alarm vil utløses dersom det kommer røyk i rommet.

Fire extinguisher in outbuilding:

  • In the main room of the outbuilding there is a small fire extinguisher, mounted on the wall.
  • Remove the fire extinguisher from the attachment, pull out the splinter and point the hose towards the flame.

Fire safety outside the cabin:

  • When using the campfire outside, fill a big bucket full of water and keep it ready at the campfire.
  • If it is dry in the field outside, the campfire should NOT be used fire.