Safety will be important just like at home. When you are in an old log cabin, there are several other issues to observe to ensure a nice and safe stay.

The fire hazard may have other aspects in an old log cabin in the mountains. Gas will be used for cooking on the hob, operating the refrigerator and for the heater in the living room. Also firewood will be used in the kitchen stove and the fireplace in the living room.

This means that flammable materials and items must be kept away from heat sources, as they may catch fire from flames or burning wood.

Even if electricity has now been installed for heating and lighting, candles will still provide that cozy cabin atmosphere. All kinds of candles and oil lamps such as the lamp above the dining table may cause a fire hazard unless handled with care. Additionally there is a risk of embers or hot ashes when burning wood or opening the door of the wood stove in the kitchen, the woodburner in the living room or the burner in the sauna. Likewise it is important to be aware that the ash bucket is a potential hazard if kept indoors. Therefore the ash bucket should always be put on a fireproof surface outdoors.