By car

Take the main road E6 to Moelv or Lillehammer. Then follow road 216 to Mesnali and Sjusjøen. Drive all the way to the toll bar at Storåsen which is about 2 kilometres from Sjusjøen. The toll is to be paid by card.

Continue for another 2 kilometres along Birkebeinervegen to the lake Kroksjøen. After the bridge by the dam take the first road (Ludviks veg) to the right. Go on up to cabin no. 75.

During the summer you may also take Birkebeinervegen all the way from Messelt (at main road 3) in Østerdalen.

If using a digital map or sat nav, enter “Kuåsen 75, 2612 Sjusjøen”.

Toll Road

Birkebeinervegen from Storåsen is a toll road. During summer you pay per trip. A discount card may be bought from Pihl at Sjusjøen.

During winter (from 1 November) you pay for driving and parking. Parking is paid per day (in Norwegian: “døgn”, i.e. 24 hours).


In summer you may park by the cabin. The parking is signposted.

In winter you should park along the road (Birkebeinervegen) which is around 500 metres away. The road up to the cabin will be plowed on a regular basis.

By train and bus

The nearest railway station is at Lillehammer. Local bus 501 runs from Lillehammer to Sjusjøen and Storåsen. From Storåsen there is a 3 km walk along Birkebeinervegen to the cabin.